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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sydney is waiting

Advent is a time of waiting. For Sydney, that time must seem to drag on, I know for us it is. Waiting is never easy, but when you are waiting on something important to happen, it just seems to taken even longer.
We debated on if we should get Sydney her stocking this year and put it up next to everyone else's stocking, but then decided that we should wait a little longer, because we do not know yet if we will be bringing home a brother or sister with Sydney and we would hate for there to be a stocking missing.
We look forward to all to being able to do the very simple things with Sydney that most people take for granted. Like cuddles on the sofa.

Or being able to play games with a brother or sister.

To kick off Advent, we spent last week without the internet, cable tv, and cell phones. We spent time in prayer and time as a family, we spent time being Thankful for what we have, and thinking of all the things we have to offer our Sydney.
Some people may ask... why go after a child if you can not afford to go get them. It is like the saying you hear on the radio all the time. "Not everyone can be a foster parent, but everyone can help a foster child." This is the same. We can afford to RAISE a child. We just need the help bringing her home.
My husband has a wonderful job with great insurance that will allow Sydney to get the best medical care she can get. She will be able to have educational resources here that she would not get in her country. She will not thrive in her country, but she can here.
So for now... we wait. But we do not sit by just waiting. No, we will be active. We will speak out about Sydney's need to be home. About how she has a family who can hardly wait to make her part of their family.
Let's try to make this a productive Advent. You can help! If you feel moved, then please donate to our cause. If you are able, spread the word. If you have faith, pray.
There is so much you can do. So please choose this Advent, to wait actively. Please do not overlook her needs or those of the many other faces of children in need.
Thank you

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