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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dear Sydney and Lucien

Dear Sydney and Lucien,

You do not know us yet, but we are going to be your mommy and daddy.

We are working so hard to get you home. Your daddy is working extra hours at work and we are trying to save as much as we can to get you home. We have sold candles, we have made crosses, and we are having as many fundraisers as we can to get you home!
You want to know something really special? There are people ALL OVER THE WORLD that are trying to help get you home too!! Isn't that the most wonderful thing you have ever heard? Yes, people all over the world heard that you are in an orphanage and they want to help get you home. They want you to be able to sleep in your own little bed, with your very own clothes, and your very own toys! They want you to have a mommy, a daddy, a family! Some of these wonderful people are people we know, they are trying so hard to help raise money for you, some are amazing friends we have met online, they too are working hard to help get you home, and then some, some my little loves are people who are strangers that are giving to help bring you home just because they believe it is a good thing to do, because they know how important it is for a child to grow up having the love of a family.
Did you know your mommy is making you something very special for your room? She started making this for you when you had your very first donation. When it is all finished it will be on your wall. Want to know what it is? It is a picture box that has the name of every single person who has donated to you, and in the center, is a picture of the world! We can hardly wait to hang it up!  Won't it be so wonderful growing up, knowing so many people cared so much about you, that they wanted you to come home?
We know where you are right now, people may not understand how very special you are. They may not understand your value and worth, but we do. You are our little prince and princess. Our sweet little ones who deserve to have a life filled with unconditional love and acceptance. That is what you will have when you come home and we can hardly wait.

Do you know what else you have?

You have three sisters and one brother! When they found out that you were going to be part of our family they were jumping for joy! Your sisters and brothers have even been helping raise money for you! They love you so much. They are looking forward to having a little brother and sister to give piggy back rides to, push in the stroller, and when you are older, even help with your homework when you need them to. They will give you pushes on the swing in our yard, they will play games with you, and they will love you forever and always.

But that is not all, no that is not all. Sweet little ones... you have something else! You have your own puppy!!  He is a chocolate lab puppy and will almost be a year old when you get home. He is a good puppy and is very friendly. He has been going to puppy school and is learning a lot of good manners.  He can hardly wait till you are home. He is so sweet and never barks or growls.

There are so many things you will have, but do you not agree that family is the most important? Oh little ones, we love you so. Every night I say a prayer that you will be safe and that others continue to help to get you home. I pray that God will touch their hearts and they will see your beautiful little faces and not be able to look away.
We love you Sydney and Lucien, with all of our hearts and we are coming for you, coming to love you, coming to bring you home.
Love Always,
Mommy and Daddy
Sydney and Lucien

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