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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Which Path?

Where you are in your life, depends on your choices. Sometimes, it seems easier to take the path that everyone else is on. Sometimes, however you take a different path. Sometimes you take a path, uncertain of the outcome, because you feel like the path everyone else is on has turned into a treadmill of life. Or you feel like there is something more important that is yet to be seen on the other path. Sometimes, if we stop and look at that path that most people take, it is filled with a lot of self serving and very little brotherly love. Somehow, we have lost sight of the big picture. We are so caught up in the American dream that we forget about the other paths that are there. We get caught up in material things, we forget what means the most. We become vain and filled with self indulgence. We focus on that extra car, that bigger house, the bigger tv. Is that what is really important? People often get so caught up, that they fail to see what is really important. 
How can we place more importance on objects than we do living things?
My passion is helping people, I want to rescue orphans.
You do not have to choose my path.
Maybe that is not your path, maybe you are better with animals, or wildlife, or being environmentally friendly.You can make a difference, in some way, to make the world a better place.
Your path lays before you, in one direction you can make a difference that will help many, the other path is one that will make a difference mostly in your life. 
Don't buy into the American dream so much, that you forget what is really important.
Which path will you take?

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