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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Breaking It All Down...

So many of you may wonder... $28, 000-$32,000 is a LOT of money. Where does it all go?
All text highlighted have already been paid by us, we just need to fundraise for the rest. All fees are a rough estimate. The actual fees can vary depending on time of year for travel (traveling in the winter months is less expensive than the summer months), city of adoption, and travel needs in country.

$1650 Homestudy
$1275 Commitment Fee
$300 Adoption Classes (Required part of homestudy)
$110 Passport for Parents
$1000 USCIS paperwork I-600a & FBI Fingerprinting
$1000 Notary & Apostle Fees
$5000 Flights
$8600 Facilitator Fees
$3200 lodging while in country (one trip - around 7-8 weeks)
$1000 food/supplies while in country
$600 child's passport
$550 child's medical and VISA
$2000 transportation while in country
$1000 orphanage donation/dossier preparation costs

If adopting a second child in the same area....
$1000 flight
$670 second I600a fee for unrelated child
$2000 facilitator additional fee (from same orphanage)
$600 child's passport
$550 child's medical and VISA
$500 additional orphanage donation

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