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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Special Thank You...

There are several people I need to make a shout out to today. (Due to privacy reasons, I will not be using last names- and if you know these woman even a little you will know who they are without their last name anyway)

Annie. I would like to thank Annie, she has been calling local places to help us with setting up a fundraiser to help bring Sydney home. This lady is amazing. She is Mommy to four beautiful little ones and prayer warrior for sweet Lacey. http://reecesrainbow.org/23052/lacey-15h  in addition to that she is also sponsoring a child through the Angel Tree name Ryder http://reecesrainbow.org/?s=ryder and has already gotten his grant from 0-$650!! Truly an amazing woman!!

Rebecca W. This lady is an angel!! Why?? This is a message she sent to our family... I would like to offer up a special hat in honor of Olivia Anne. I can create a design, and others could purchase them in her honor. I would give any profits (above the cost of the yarn) to you to support your adoption efforts. Please let me know if you are interested. ♥ Becky I just about have the design ready. It's a pixie style hat and can be made in any size. Once I have a sample completed, I will post it and we can market it on here. Any orders I take of the "Olivia Anne" hat through my shop will also go to help. Hopefully, we can sell some hats!  WOW!!! How wonderful is that??? I can not say Thank you enough!! And how wonderful will it be for Sydney (we are going to be naming her Olivia Anne) to have a hat named after her!! Too cool!!!

Michelle Z. Oh Wow... this lady does it all. Even dealing with strangers calling her in the middle of the day with tons of questions about adopting through Reece's Rainbow. LOL Poor dear, I was emailing Michelle with tons of questions and each answer would only create more questions. I ended up calling her and she talked until I had asked all my questions and felt calmer. Super star of a lady. Michelle has already adopted so she knows the whole process and is such a great source of info.

Another amazing woman is Rosemary. Rosemary has always been there to offer words of encouragement and support. This lady is all about awareness and helping others! You are awesome Rosemary!! Rosemary has donated to Sydney and because of her we are that one step closer to bringing Sydney home!! (Also, because of this beautiful lady, the contest of who can raise the most money for Sydney, my friends or Mark's friends, the ladies are winning!! Woot!!!)

Catherine. This lady has an amazing family!! Reading her blog makes me smile all the time. Have you ever known anyone who isn't afraid to talk about the good the bad and the ugly in life, in a humours way not a serious way? Well that is Catherine. A little while ago I asked Catherine to pray for us and help get the word out about our adoption. Well she did!! That is just how she is. I love this lady and her family :)  If you ever just want to laugh till your sides hurt, or come away with a big smile on your face this is where to stop.

Ashley. Ashley just got back home from Eastern Europe with her beautiful little boy Carter!! Even in the mist of all going on around her, packing, being off in a different country, and everything in between, she has made the time to talk to me about fundraising ideas and offer suggestions and advice. She has a beautiful heart and is a great mommy to a little boy that stole my heart so long ago. On Reece's Rainbow, Carter was listed as Antonio. This was my grandpa's real name and because of that I fell in love with Antonio (now Carter). I felt so honored to be able to share in his journey to get home.

Renee T. If you know Renee T, you know what a sweetheart of a lady she is. It makes it so special because she lives in my hometown. She lives only a couple blocks from where I grew up!! Amazing! Renee is adopting a beautiful little girl named Paisley and I can hardly wait till they get her home! Renee has taken the time to talk with me about fundraising ideas as well. She has taken the time to encourage me, and chat with me even when she wasn't feeling well. She was able to tell me about the wonderful mugs that are listed on Etsy that we are using in our giveaway and tell me about the coffee shop program. I was hoping to be able to offer the mug set for Christmas but when I looked at the details it said it will take 3 weeks to make as they are able to be personalized and then it takes a bit of time to ship them out as well. That does not leave much time to fundraise and then get the prizes out before Christmas.

Mrs. Brown. Ok, so I used a last name :) Mrs. Brown has helped raise awareness by posting her teaching videos on youtube. Mrs. Brown works with children who have down syndrome from her home, teaching them to read and works with math as well as many other skills.  http://www.sohappytolearn.com/  In addition, she has shared our story with her families!! She is incredible and I love how much I have learned from watching her videos as she works with her students.

Jaclyn. This lady is amazing. She is always commenting on my posts and is always so sweet and upbeat. Her family is working towards adopting a little boy to add to their family of all girls. Jaclyn's husband is sadly outnumbered. She could always use more supporters in her adoption journey. http://trendingwiththetrendas.blogspot.com/

Rhonda. Rhonda is a lady I recently meet through one of the groups on Facebook that supports families/children with down syndrome. She is so sweet and supportive!

My wonderful children!! Britney, Ariel, Tamara, Brandon for being so excited and supportive about adding more to our family. I can not even say how wonderful these guys are. They have helped raise awareness, come up with creative fundraising ideas, and showed support in every way possible! I love you guys so much!!

My amazing husband!! Words can not even begin to describe how wonderful this man is. I love you Mark, so much!!

There are so many others, so many that have helped us with their donation, their reading and supporting our blog, so many others that have helped raise awareness and have shared our site on their facebook or with their friends. We are so blessed that you have joined us in this journey to bring Sydney home.
For everyone who has donated, for everyone who reads our blog, who has shared our blog or story with others. Thank you!! We could not do this without you. You are a blessing!!

I wish so badly I could list everyone, however at the risk of missing someone I will stop there and make another post later on other supporters. If you have NOT seen your name here and you have been helping and supporting our journey, it is not because I forgot you. I am just saving it for another post :) You are not forgotten or overlooked, you are wonderful!!!

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